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“When the stock market takes a beating, don’t think about what you’re losing. Instead, focus on what you could be buying.”

Holla AAG Millionaires & Happy Deepavali!

Being patient and continuing to invest through market volatility is the most important (and hardest!) thing to do as an investor but it leaves investors better off in the long run.

What about us??? How do we react in the face of changing market conditions? Is now an opportunity? How do we take advantage?

Let’s switch our predicaments to opportunities and learn from our dedicated GAM Kak Azi on how to weather these storms..

So suit up and return to AAG crib for the most significant yet interesting topic of the year! “Equities have always recovered”

Date: November 8th, Thursday

Time: 3pm – 5.30pm

Venue: AAG suite, level 3 Wisma PMB

Dress Code : Millionaire Suit

Compulsory to bring your 40 points book and sales kit

Don’t be punctual, Be EARLY!!

Thank you

VP’s of AAG